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Have you ever struggled sharing with others the thing that means the most to you, your faith? You are so thankful for grace, for the relationship you share with Jesus but when you have opportunity to tell someone about it, you are tongue tied or embarrassed because you aren’t sure how to articulate what you genuinely want to say?

               I have been there too!

The core mission of Abide Scripts is to provide apparel that invokes conversation. When friend or stranger is curious about the message that is displayed, you are ready to share what it means to you.  You can find the meaning behind each design in the description of each product.  Add your personal testimony and you are ready to go.

 My hope and prayer is that this company would not only outfit you in super cute designs, but be a means for you to plant and water seeds of truth. Together we can look to Jesus, the Lord of the harvest, in all that we do!

                                                           His Girl, 

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