Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Hey all! I'm Jess. The first time I ever wrote the word ABIDE, I was at "The Gorge." This is a beautiful spot in the Washington National Forest. I was there with the staff of Headwaters Lodge. A fellow staff member handed me a large flat mushroom. He said anything I wrote on it would become permanent as the mushroom dried out. I had been studying John 15 at the time and per my usual mode of getting truth to sink in, I scripted one word on that mushroom that reminded me of a whole chapter of truth. ABIDE. Oh how I wish now I had hung on to that mushroom. It was the year 2001 when I made my first shirt. I wrote the word SURRENDER with a cross. I had my Dad put it into "digital form" and we paid to have them screened. I gave them away as Christmas gifts. My long time friend Bo Bange is wearing her shirt in the picture above. We were babies! I went to several Christian stores to see if they would want to buy my shirts but it was a "no" all around. I didn't really have the time to move forward with the dream as I was still serving at the camp and would soon meet my man! I have asked the Lord several times over the last 20 years if it was time to start my t-shirt company. The answer has been wait . . . wait . . .wait . . . until now! #gettingstarted #abidescriptsstory

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