The SWITCH from tangible art to digital

We had lived in Northern Kentucky for 9 years! The longest Paul and I had lived any place in our 16 years of marriage. Through much hard work and many ups and downs Paul made the transition from construction, ministry, and factory work to being a fulltime firefighter/paramedic. He had been full time for about 5 years at the station in Kentucky when we really felt a pull to uproot and move. He started looking around at other departments and through a long coarse of God leading we accepted a job in Castle Rock, Colorado! I like to call it coloRADo because it it super RAD to live here!

Right before we moved one of my best friends, Jess asked if I could do a scripture mural on the wall at their office. She and her husband own a landscape business with the heart for loving and discipling men. The men that they employ are often recovering from something destructive in their lives. Josh and Jess' heart for these men is so encouraging and commendable. I of course jumped at the opportunity to bless them with scripture on their wall. I had no thought of being paid. Remember, at this point I painted for free. Well, they had no thought of not blessing me back with a generous check for my work.

I scripted this wall days before our move to CO. If you know anything about the cost of living in CO you won't be surprised that we secured a the house half the size for twice the price! We downsized majorly! There just isn't the space in our new home to paint like there was in our KY home.

Growing up as a sign painters daughter I had always had access to vinyl plotters. I have always longs for one of my own. I thought it would be so fun to make decals of my scripts.

Josh and Jess blessed me with the exact amount of money to cover the cost of a Cricut Maker.

Once we settled in CO I ordered it! It was so fun learning to turn my sermon notes into decals. While on Youtube I came across a video teaching me how to silk screen with vinyl.

That's when it hit me. I remembered that I once had a dream to make shirts. I began right away. My husband blessed me with a screen press and Mom and Dad gave me a roll of vinyl for my birthday! We prayed a lot and believe it was time to move forward! You guys actually ordered shirts!!!

These are my friends. They have an incredible God honoring story.

I have linked their testimonies.



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