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Hey I'm Jess.

Here's a bit of my background.  I spent my lovely childhood in San Diego, CA.  I was blessed to graduate from Horizon High School and subsequently, the Horizon School of Evangelism. I then moved to YDI's Headwaters Lodge youth ministry in Virginia. I went to bible college there and served the youth that would come to camp. This is where I met my man. We have a very "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austin love story. We continue to love each other through many wonderful and hard times.  We have 3 kiddos in our harvest who we delight in.  They are our greatest source of sanctification on the daily. 

I have always loved words which is crazy because I struggle terribly with grammar and spelling. I have been playing with different styles of writing since middle school and developed my own typography.  I find it most effective to use this method to highlight on paper what God is teaching me at the moment. The visual helps the truth sink in. All that you see is really just the fruit of 20 years of getting in the Word, writing it out, and the desire to share God's powerful word that never goes void. Of course, if we were sitting with coffee in hand, there would be much more to share. Lots of laughing and maybe some crying. My hope and prayer is that you are encouraged in this space. Take a look around. 

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